Friday, June 21, 2013

Also Willing

Behold, a tee-shirt for the Song of the Day and the [oh hell the rabbit hole of keeping up with the social media jones.  Used to be a link to the Spirit of Salt web domain here but it was too underutilized to keep paying for, and let lapse, which is why these t-shirts now inexplicably provide free advertising for some Austrian purveyor of bespoke, special salt]

Its slogan (if you have trouble reading it because it is in pseudo-Hip-Hop lettering, strangely formatted and partially backwards) reads THE SPIRIT IS WILLING - THE FLESH IS ALSO WILLING, in reference to Song of the Day no. 2.2732.  The whole thing was hand drawn (like with pencils and physical pens full of actual liquid ink on paper and stuff) by me.  Because I am multi-talented.

But wait, I hear you protest, Song of the Day no. 2.2732 won't be published online until October 25th of 2018! [I can't remember if I wrote this before or after the big long summer break, so this date is probably off now].  To which I say you are really good at math!  Also, great optimism!

It's actually possible the phrase will pop up in an earlier song; as I've noted before the hand-written songs are not all transcribed to digital and therefore not all machine searchable.  As far as I can tell I coined this phrase in this exact incarnation, but it's not terribly original - the basic inversion (the flesh is also willing) can be found in a 19th century German book on Christian Ethics.

It is available in two flavors:

Maximum Savour - white graphics on colored backgrounds. Note you can customize the colors.
     - Standard Tee
     - Heavyweight Tee
     - Women's Fitted Tee

You can also try this design out on other products in Spreadshirt's Product Designer - it doesn't work with all of their products however: Maximum Savour Design

Dark Savour - black graphics on white or colored backgrounds (my personal preference).
     -Standard Tee
     -Heavyweight Tee
     -Women's Fitted Tee

Dark Savour Product Designer page

My Spreadshirt storefront page features more designs by my brother, Actual Artist David Hamlow.

All proceeds of sales will go to support a thing I'm going to tell you about pretty soon.  Just to be clear it ain't gonna be a charity, though [blah blah blah, out of date, times change, nobody every buys anything and it all goes to support nothing, probably? When taking it all down is more work than leaving it all and just jamming in a few disclaimers.  Which also no-one will ever read].

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