Friday, July 19, 2013

Carting a Sick Stick: Sic a Tart Kiss on an Art Trick (Part 2: The Store)

Some Lovely Things To Sell

With respect to the "former" Media Empire, and particularly Our Flagship Media, fairly secret: the tower of reproach: as fundamentally enriching as I find it to toil ceaselessly in the fields of text for art's sake, there lingers that little thing that has always been missing for me: a suitcase full of cash.

And so I set out to contrive some lovely things to sell.  If you care for the words, peruse their associated merchandise!

DO YOU SUFFER from an embarrassing abundance of music ironically juxtaposed against a stinging paucity of rhyming verbiage?

Royalty-free licenses for songs of the days lyrics are now available for a song.  Actually for money.  Your money.  I do the songs.  Go to the Royalty Free License page.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TEXT.  So why not a graphic novel?

(Please note that downloads of The Bootstrap Gospel album - see my Bandcamp page link below - includes a download of the Graphic Novel as a bonus).

Nobody EVER buys the Bootstrap Gospel Digital Graphic Novel, which is CRAZY.  Crazy and wrong. The final chapter's segment, “A Poem In Ten Deaths,” with its scathing deconstruction of Schrödinger's famous thought experiment, is easily worth its wholly nominal cost alone!  A demented visual tour through the state of my mind circa 2006.

SONG LYRICS set to music and preserved as digital audio recordings.  A perfect distraction to drown out the noise of confounding existence

You can purchase most of such recordings as exist.  Preview anything for free.  I’ve got certain unreasonable hangups over the convention of the “Donations” button, but in the event that there is a Mysterious Benefactor shadowing me out there, pining only for some venue to shower me with gifts, well I've set the Greatest Hits and the altogether more challenging Transition Protocol to allow “pay what you want” pricing.  So you can go hog wild.  Or also just give me a dollar.  Well I don't get the whole dollar frankly, but you know what I mean.  Hosting and commerce courtesy of Bandcamp, who are dope, as well as fly.

THE SPIRIT is willing, but the flesh needs a Tee Shirt

Ready to purchase? Spreadshirt Store Link

Does what it says on the tee shirt.  The once and future emblem of the True Fan


What did you have in mind?

Didn't there used to be some kind of crazy home-rolled crowdfunding campaign here?  Yes you're very smart.  Shut up.

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