Thursday, October 23, 2014

(If 4,460 Trees Fall in the) Forest

This is a solicitation: it has been a long time now since I did any serious recording: I'm determined to change that relatively soon by commencing on the composition of the third Songs of Days album: The Bootstrap Gospel 2: Black Feedback.  I aim to establish a higher level for this recording in every respect, which means it's probably going to take a long time.

Support, and interest in the Songs of Days project in general, would speed things up.  If you're a friend of the song of the day - if you're interested in seeing this thing as it goes on - here are three things you can do to help me.

1. If you haven't partaken of my recorded work, head over to Bandcamp and pick up a copy of Only the Very Greatest Hits. It's available as a "name your price" download, and thus is designed to fit any budget, including a budget of nothing.

2. Share Songs of Days - I've written a new introduction for newcomers.  Post it somewhere online.

3. Leave a comment on the songs. Share. Follow on Google Plus, Tumblr or Twitter. Drop me a line if I haven't heard from you lately (or ever).

And many thanks to those who have heard a few fall in the forest.